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formelSpheromics provides services for all steps of genomics experiments.
From planning and management of data generation, to statistical data analysis and result interpretation through sophisticated bioinformatics.
We also offer consultancy and training services, along with scientific writing.
Our service is fast, reliable, on time, and confidential.

For standard analyses the turnaround time will be one week.

Spheromics works on a complete-confidentiality basis,
without claiming intellectual property rights, or co-authorship.

Andreas Scherer is invited speaker at the
7th International Conference of Molecular Cancer Biomarkers 2016, Sept 15-16, Berlin, Germany
Topic: "Irreproducibility in Biomarker Development: a Global Challenge

Andreas Scherer is invited speaker at the
International Workshop on Advanced Medicinal Therapeutic Products, Nov 26.-27. 2015, Palermo, Italy
Topic: "Biomarkers: Discovery, Validation, and Commercialization"

Spheromics is proud to be media partner of the
2nd International Conference of Personalized Medicine 2014, Nov 3-5, Las Vegas, USA

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Andreas Scherer is invited speaker at the
Renal Research Workshop at the University of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, Nov 2012

Topic: "Introduction to Gene Expression Profiling for Biomarker Discovery."